Longing I Franz Kafka I Artist's book

Fragments of love letters by Franz Kafka to Felice Bauer, illustrated with original woodcut prints. Manufactured 2006 in the workshops of the University of Applied Sciences, Department of Design, Hamburg in a limited edition of four books. Woodcuts, book design, typesetting and print: Christina Cohen-Cossen. The original proofs are hand prints from original basswood plates.

One artist's book was bought by the Museum of Arts and Trades, Hamburg.

Wood- & Linocut I Cohen-Cossen I Haupt Verlag Bern

Arranged by difficulty, beginners will find comprehensive instructions to practise wood and linocut. Advanced learners will be challenged by sections on puzzle print, lost plate print, colour woodcut print and combinations of these techniques.

ISBN 978-3-258-07497-9

Wood- & Linocut I Cohen-Cossen I Haupt Verlag Bern

Also available as limited edition of 200 copies, embossed with glossy cover and inlaid with signed original print. The limited edition is exclusivly abailable for purchase from  Haupt Verlag, or directly from the author. 

ISBN 978-3-258-07525-9

Le Fleuve I Annemarie Schwarzenbach I esperluète & éditions

Two young woman walk along the river for days, lulled by the peaceful nature.

They encounter a wolf , a donkey, a vixen, some boatmen, blue mountains and

many other symbolic characters representing a vibrant world. A dreamlike journey

beyond time and space, following it's own pace.

ISBN 978-2-35984-038-4

Le baiser de mes vœux I Paul Fleming I esperluète & éditions

"Le baiser de mes vœux, poème de Paul Fleming, fut écrit au XVIIe siècle. Quatre cents ans plus tard, une jeune illustratrice allemande se plaît à l’illustrer.
A la fois manuel du « bien embrasser » et petit traité pour amoureux, cette invitation à la tendresse ne parle que d’une chose: le baiser. Que l’on donne, que l’on reçoit, que l’on dérobe...
A l’usage de tous les amoureux, ce livre est un petit concentré de conseils qui ne vieillissent jamais. Christina Cohen-Cossen l’a illustré de bois gravés. Déclinant une palette de quatre couleurs, elle varie le thème sans jamais le répéter, avec justesse et virtuosité."

ISBN 978-2930223742

Günter is called Walter in Winter I Erwin Grosche I Ardey Verlag

"Paderborn's revue artist Erwin Grosche celebrates  40 years on stage.

This book is a collection of his favorite poems.

The artist Christina Cohen-Cossen, who lives and works in Hamburg,

has carefully illustrated the text in a humorous, charming way."

ISBN 978-3-87023-364-8

German New Media Illustration Course II   

University of Applied Sciences Hamburg

Nonfiction Illustration from Germany. "Through its diversity and high level of creativity this book

superbly captures the wealth of possibilities within illustration as a profession."

(Prof. Dorothea Wenzel, Dean of the Faculty for Design, Media and Information,

University of Applied Sciences, Hamburg.)      

ISBN 978-7535628190